Human resource team - Important factor for sustainable development of King Elong Group

Human resource team - Important factor for sustainable development of King Elong Group

Human resources are an important factor promoting development and the foundation for creating the culture of each business. At King Elong Group, training and developing human resources is always considered by the board of directors as one of the key tasks aimed at sustainable development.

The cradle that nurtures the young agricultural generation

For nearly 2 decades, King Elong Group has created job opportunities and the best working environment for many young generations with an income structure based on talent and dedication.

Agriculture is a unique industry and is undergoing strong changes. Agricultural workers need to be trained and have a good practice environment.

At King Elong Group, young people are always empowered to make decisions and be different. King Elong Group is the cradle that nurtures young people's love for the country's agriculture. King Elong Group accepts risks and accompanies each employee on the path of developing passion for Vietnamese agriculture.

King Elong Group invests in successor staff

King Elong Group focuses on people, building a fair working environment and development opportunities for all members.

With the goal of sustainable development, King Elong Group constantly promotes value and invests in its successor workforce. Training programs are organized regularly to improve skills and update knowledge for staff.

King Elong Group continuously creates engagement programs, creating opportunities for members to express themselves and spread King Elong Group culture. This is the premise for the commitment and growth of King Elong Group's staff.

From a small office in Ho Chi Minh City with only 2 members in 2004, we have now become a medium-sized Agricultural Group with more than 300 employees spread throughout Vietnam.

Ensure full employee benefits

With the motto that human resources are the most important asset, King Elong Group always listens and adjusts its human resource welfare policy to suit the times.

Sustainable human resources at King Elong Group are formed when employees have an ideal working environment and full welfare support:

👉Along with policies on salaries, bonuses, benefits and benefits, employees at King Elong Group receive regular health care once a year.

👉Competency is assessed based on each individual's working attitude and professional ability.

👉Receive cost support when participating in courses to improve skills to accompany the sustainable development of the group.

King Elong Group regularly organizes internal programs such as Gala dinner, programs on the occasion of March 8, October 20, sports festivals, community activities , etc. to create opportunities to exchange and learn. Ask questions and connect team spirit among member companies with each other and with the group.

King Elong Group aims for sustainable business development

Building sustainable human resources is one of the tasks that King Elong Group has been - is - will continue to promote towards the principle of "Together We Grow" - sustainable development.

The goal of "Cooperation for mutual benefit" - Balancing benefits for every transaction, working together - creating value has helped King Elong Group create the next generation. A generation of businessmen with strong appearance, fluent foreign language skills, excellent diplomacy, and the ability of King Elong Group to reach the world.

Source: King Elong Group


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