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King Elong Group - From "Captain" to Sustainable Agricultural Group

King Elong Group's development journey has reached the 20-year mark, carrying with it the founders' ideal of "Together we grow".

Together we were born 

In June 2004, the dream of raising my sails and sailing far and wide was rekindled in a house in a small alley. That day, the founder worked from 8am to 2am the next morning. With great determination, the King Elong Group boat gradually took shape and began to launch, from the small river, the boat headed to the big sea. 

We established the first foreign partner representative office in Vietnam in 2008. This was the beginning to help us find a direction for a long journey, initially realize the dream, bring products quality for the country's agriculture. 

Together we learn

In the following years, with the initiative and efforts to absorb progressive ideas and agricultural achievements of the world, we established MEKONG AGRICULTURAL MATERIALS COMPANY LIMITED in 2015 to operate in the field of agriculture. importing and distributing a variety of advanced raw materials to supply the fertilizer production needs (inorganic, organic, biological, microbiological) of domestic units and providing Comprehensive nutritional solution for plants.

King Elong Group and the philosophy "Together We Grow"

With the desire to contribute more to Vietnamese agriculture, King Elong Group's Board of Directors is concerned about taking advantage of the country's agricultural products and how to let the world know about "Made in Vietnam" agricultural products. Nam” good and quality?

Also in 2015, we contributed capital to establish LE PLATEAU VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY , allowing us to take advantage of available resources, learn and apply modern technology to produce all kinds of coffee & tea. of Vietnam, distributed in the domestic market. At the same time, bring Vietnamese brand agricultural products to introduce to international friends.

Together we create

In 2017, recognizing that seafood is a "bright spot" of agriculture and has a great impact on the Vietnamese economy, King Elong Group decided to establish PLASMA VIETNAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY with the mission of becoming a pioneer. style and reputation in the fields of chemicals, microbiology, water treatment and aquatic medicine.

Until today, all our efforts have created many outstanding achievements when we have cooperative relationships with 150+ domestic and foreign partners. 100% imported products, clear traceability, commitment to raw material quality and fully meet all standards and strict requirements for product quality.

King Elong Group and the philosophy "Together We Grow"

Not stopping there, in 2017 King Elong Group established NINH QUANG GROUP COMPANY LIMITED, an importer of plant protection drugs and supplying plant protection drug distributors according to the B2B model nationwide. . 

We see this as a great opportunity to promote creativity and strategic thinking of King Elong Group's young workforce . At the same time, it opens up many business opportunities, increasing performance, productivity and success for each individual of King Elong Group.

Taking advantage of the victory, also in 2017, King Elong Group contributed capital to invest in FINOM JOINT STOCK COMPANY, a company providing comprehensive products and materials to serve the agricultural sector: irrigation systems, Greenhouse solutions, growing media, etc. are the premise to apply the world's agricultural achievements to Vietnamese agriculture, aiming at the goal of modern agriculture - high-tech agriculture.

Together we challenge

Entering 2020, when green - clean - safe agriculture is gradually becoming the trend of the times. In that context, King Elong Group understands that this is a great opportunity and also a great challenge for the entire agricultural industry. 

According to Decision No. 150/QD-TTg, dated January 28, 2022 of the Prime Minister approving the Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy for the period 2021-2030, vision to 2050. The general goal of The strategy aims to build commodity-producing agriculture while developing agriculture based on local advantages, towards modernity with productivity, quality, efficiency, sustainability and high competitiveness.

We accept new challenges and contribute capital to invest in THE MOSHAV FARM AGRICULTURE JOINT STOCK COMPANY, with the desire to bring safe, natural products to users and help local farmers. have a better quality of life through agricultural product processing activities & agricultural tourism model. 

Based on previous successes in the distribution of plant protection drugs according to the B2B model, we quickly established FITOSAL COMPANY LIMITED to become an importer and supplier of fertilizer products associated with various solutions. Advanced nutritional solution, designed specifically for fertilizer distribution businesses according to the B2B model in Vietnam.

Together we change

In 2022, realizing the necessary changes to keep up with the times, we separated the pesticide raw material business from KING ELONG GROUP to establish KING ELONG COMPANY LIMITED. With King Elong Group's foundation of providing leading raw materials for the production of plant protection drugs in Vietnam for many years, KING ELONG COMPANY LIMITED has become a commercial representative and strategic partner of many large factories. In the world.

At the same time, to go deeper into the roots, in 2022, we boldly invested in the DAM NONG FACTORY SYSTEM specializing in the production and packaging of pesticides and fertilizers in Long An and expanded Invest in ONEWAY BIO – ORGANIC MICROBIAL ORGANIC FERTILIZER PRODUCTION FACTORY in Lam Dong.

We aim to be a corporation with sustainable development and pioneering production in the fields of chemicals, agricultural supplies, fertilizers, plant protection drugs, and pharmaceutical raw materials. Consulting and building greenhouse systems, automatic irrigation systems, high-tech agriculture, while developing tourism and education, strengthening international cooperation and aiming to export cheap agricultural products high value of Vietnam to the world market.

Together we complete

King Elong Group will not stop facing challenges to improve and develop traditional agriculture. We are constantly learning and boldly developing our business with a variety of products serving agriculture. 

Completing the expansion and investing resources in 7 subsidiaries and 2 factories is the clearest proof of the pioneering spirit, willingness to take the lead and face challenges to bring King Elong Group to a leading position. market. 

Together we grow

We have strong internal strength, along with accumulated experience over a long period of time, the "sweet fruits" reaped after a 20-year journey of "changing our skin" have been a great motivation for King Elong. Group continues to promote its role - as a bridge for Vietnamese and world agriculture.

With the ideal of "Together we grow" - working together - creating value together, today, King Elong Group is ready for bigger transformations. Step by step reaching out to the ocean with a receptive and innovative mind. King Elong Group is ready to become an agricultural group with sustainable development.

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