King Elong Group - Open the door to the

King Elong Group - Open the door to the "big sea"

By sustainable development associated with social responsibility, always wanting to bring many positive values ​​to the community, King Elong Group is determined to open the door to the "big sea" in the future.

KING ELONG GROUP and achievements in 20 years

During 20 years of establishment and development, King Elong Group has always focused on products and service quality, building reputation with domestic and foreign partners. In addition, we always connect members of the King Elong Group community, responsible to the profession and to society.

Until now, after 20 years of perseverance and continuous growth, King Elong Group is proud to have reaped the following achievements:

  • King Elong Group is one of the leading trading companies specializing in providing raw materials for pesticides and fertilizers in Vietnam.
  • Proactively integrating internationally towards globalization, King Elong Group has been having cooperative relationships with more than 30 countries and territories all over the world.
  • We are proud to have more than 1,000 distribution partners and agents spread across 63 provinces and cities nationwide.
  • King Elong Group's average growth rate reaches more than 40% in the period 2020-2023. Specifically, in 2023 alone, King Elong Group's revenue reaches 70 million USD.
  • King Elong Group always takes care of the quality of work and life of our employees. In particular, we pay great attention to the happiness index of each staff and constantly increase income for all positions. Specifically, from the early days of establishment, the salary of each employee was only about 700 VND/person/month (equivalent to 50 USD), until today the income of the company's employees has reached 500-2,500 VND/person/month, average income from 1,000 - 10,000 USD/person/month.
  • King Elong Group is trading more than 700 products.
  • In 2023, the output of pesticides and fertilizers reaches over 5,500 tons and 14,900 tons, respectively.


KING ELONG GROUP continues to consider agriculture as the "leading force"

With achievements over the past 20 years, King Elong Group has set directions and aims for sustainable development in the next 10 years, to mark the "30 years" milestone with even more brilliant successes. In particular, agriculture is still the core and driving force for the development journey with 4 main business goals and 2 investment values:

  • Focus on expanding factories and warehouses; investment in facilities, machinery, and logistic vehicles; modernize production lines, etc. to promote production activities and increase output;
  • Improve and complete the depth of the product portfolio with the goal of providing more than 1,000 quality products to the market; expanding product portfolio with agricultural ancillary products and ready to go abroad.
  • Being the key holder in the agricultural value chain from input - import of raw materials, production, distribution of agricultural materials, support of agricultural solutions for farmers, to output - purchasing, processing agricultural products to deliver to consumers.
  • Promote the process of exporting processed agricultural products to markets around the world such as China, Korea, the US, etc., contributing to improving the value of Vietnamese agricultural products and positioning the brand of Vietnamese agricultural products in general and of King Elong Group in particular.
  • Continuing the tradition of the past 20 years, human resources are always the key factor, determining the development of the Group.
  • Always associate the Group's development with community responsibility.

KING ELONG GROUP reaches out to the "big sea"

With love for the profession, responsibility to society and desire to bring the best solutions for the country's agriculture, King Elong Group has oriented and clarified the mission of the ecosystem with the vision and goal of becoming a familiar name in the domestic agricultural market and always ready to take on new challenges on the journey to sea.

Taking advantage of the strengths of trade promotion, investment and trade connection between Vietnam and countries with the most modern agriculture in the world over the past 20 years, our journey to reach the "big sea" gradually took shape.

The road ahead is sure to be difficult. When the boat is big, there will be big waves, but with youth, enthusiasm, and the spirit of solidarity of the members of the King Elong house, the big boat will surely prevail. Overcoming all waves, reaching new lands, determined to complete the big goal - realizing the Vietnamese Agricultural Dream.

Source: King Eong Group

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