A cooperative exports 100 tons of grapefruit every month to The Netherlands

A cooperative exports 100 tons of grapefruit every month to The Netherlands

Tan My Fruit Tree, a Cooperative in Binh Duong, exported the first batch of orange-leaf sugar pomelo to the Dutch market on January 22nd, 2024.

Mr. Le Minh Sang, Director of the Cooperative, said that through a partner in Vietnam, the Cooperative learned that The Netherlands wanted to order 100 tons of orange-leaf sugar pomelo per month (800 grams/unit). However, due to the limited area of orange leaf sugar pomelo cultivation, the maximum output that the cooperative can provide is 50 tons/month.

In addition, Mr. Sang shared that, within the past year, to meet consumer tastes and ensure product quality requirements set by The Netherlands, the cooperative has surveyed the growing area and inspected product samples, soil, water,... so that high quality products can be exported to partner country.

This is the first shipment after the COVID-19 pandemic of Tan My Cooperative. Before that time, the cooperative had placed a number of orders through Singapore and China. It is known that the export price of orange leaf sugar pomelo is about 5,000 VND/kg higher than the domestic market price (about 30% higher).

In the current situation where grapefruit consumption has decreased by at least 10%, the cooperative is aiming for good, high-quality products with clean production processes and beautiful designs. This will likely be a more competitive advantage in the future.

See more details at: https://nld.com.vn/mot-htx-o-binh-duong-duoc-ha-lan-dat-hang-100-tan-buoi-moi-thang-196240121064146477.htm

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