Exporting agricultural products faces many difficulties due to fluctuations in logistics costs

Exporting agricultural products faces many difficulties due to fluctuations in logistics costs

Production and consumption of agricultural products are always two stages closely linked to the development of Vietnamese agricultural products.

Currently, logistics is accounting for a large cost in the price structure of agricultural products. This has eroded the profits agricultural products bring to producers and businesses. Therefore, the problem of solving logistics costs is causing headaches for many businesses processing and exporting Vietnamese agricultural products.

So how have logistics costs eroded the profits of manufacturers and businesses?

According to statistics from processing and exporting enterprises, transportation costs in Vietnam's total logistics costs are currently at a very high level, up to more than 60%, about twice higher than other countries.

Moreover, many agricultural export businesses depend on foreign airlines and prices vary depending on the airline.

Although, after carefully calculating the price problem and minimizing costs to be able to compete in the fierce international market, we cannot impact shipping costs because Vietnam is still heavily dependent on foreign airlines as well as shipping companies.

In addition to transportation problems, problems in the logistics chain such as cold storage and long-term preservation are also obstacles for these products.

Despite our current challenges, many experts in the logistics industry assess that Vietnam has great potential for exporting goods, and in developing logistics to serve the transportation of exported goods.

To improve the competitiveness of Vietnam's logistics industry in the context of international economic integration and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, what have experts shared? Please join with King Elong for details in  the article attached below 👇👇👇


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