Farmers should be carefull with new rice varieties!

Farmers should be carefull with new rice varieties!

Currently, in the market, there have been advertisements for the new rice variety VST-899, with attractive offers to buyers: "The rice variety is known as the most delicious in the world; it is fragrant, sticky, and imported from Japan" with price from only 70,000 VND/kg and when buying 5 bags it costs 340,000 VND.

With a very attractive price, it has attracted many buyers, but in reality, this new rice variety of unknown origin has caused a lot of damage to farmers! Many people have been suffering because of this forever-young rice variety. Specifically, many people believed in the above advertisements to buy and plant them, but this variety only has stems and no seeds, so it cannot be harvested, leading to crop delays and heavy economic losses.

Notably, the scammers are very sophisticated, they use tactics to attack people's psychology and fake the breed recognition decision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Therefore, people should be careful when buying any new rice varieties of unknown origin, to avoid losing money and suffering unnecessary damage. People should update information and news through the media to ensure the new source is accurate and reliable!

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