“King of Fruits

“King of Fruits" strongly penetrate the Chinese market

Durian is widely known as the "King of Fruits". Although it has a slightly "unappealing" smell to some people if anyone can "suffer" that “passionately seductive” flavor, durian is truly a fruit that just needs to be mentioned to make you crave it. In addition, durian is also known to be a tropical fruit that is rich in nutrients that are more beneficial for health (digestion and cardiovascular support, decrease in blood pressure, anti-aging, insomnia treatment,…) than some other fruits.

In recent days, the most frequently seen images are trucks filled with fruits imported from Vietnam entering the comprehensive free trade zone in Pingxiang (in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China bordering Vietnam) to undergo Customs inspection before entering the Chinese market. Pingxiang is the largest and most convenient land route from China to Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and it is also the largest center for fruit import-export trade between China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Vietnamese durian is very popular in the Chinese market because of its reasonable price and good quality. Currently, agricultural product orders from the Chinese market have increased sharply, about 30-50% compared to last month since China reopened its borders on January 8th, 2023, according to reports from some Vietnamese companies exporting agricultural products to China.

Only imported fruit passing through the Huu Nghi border gate near Bang Tuong reached 27,414 tons and 1,375 trucks from January 1 to January 18. According to Chinese Customs data, the average number of trucks carrying fruit coming from Vietnam is about 76 trucks per day, 11 more trucks than in 2022. Vietnamese fruit passing through the Huu Nghi border gate can be imported through the “Green Lane” (exempt from detailed inspection of each document and exemption from reality inspection of goods). This process can be completed within 24 hours, convenient for preservation to keep the fresh flavor of Vietnamese durian and the goods can be transported to places.

In recent years, with the increasingly extensive economic and trade cooperation between China and Vietnam, more and more high-quality Vietnamese agricultural products have been known, used, and liked by Chinese people. Along with the difference in climatic conditions, Vietnamese agricultural products and most Chinese agricultural products have a "deviation" in harvest time, making Vietnamese fruit supply very suitable for sale in China. In addition, the fact that China has completely reopened its borders has helped businesses to have many export advantages, such as cutting some unnecessary costs and creating favorable conditions for promoting the export of agricultural products to the market of this “billions of people” country. Hopefully, these positive initial steps will not only help Vietnamese agricultural products develop strongly and make a private mark in the Chinese market but also serve as a premise to promote Vietnamese agricultural products to have further opportunities to reach out to other countries in the future…


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