Warning businesses to be cautious about scams when exporting agricultural products to China

Warning businesses to be cautious about scams when exporting agricultural products to China

Recently, some Vietnamese agricultural export enterprises received requests from Chinese customers for Export Code and Certificates from the General Department of Customs of China and had to pay a fee of 100 - 1,000 USD to register for that certificate through two websites: www.gacc.app and www.aqsiq.net. Subjects showing signs of forgery and fraud were very sophisticated when using the English abbreviations of agencies under the General Department of Customs of China in the website address.

Faced with this information, the Vietnam SPS Office (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development) affirmed that the General Department of Customs of China does not require this document and regulates online fee collection.

In addition, the SPS Vietnam office recommends that agricultural businesses be cautious when exporting goods to China. Specifically, businesses need to access official Chinese websites with the .cn extension to check registration results and look up information related to import and export activities. Besides, they must constantly be alert to unusual requests during trade with partners.

Mr. Ngo Xuan Nam - Deputy Director of SPS Vietnam Office said that according to the regulations of China and Vietnam Customs, there is no charge for issuing export codes and certificates to businesses. In case there is such a request from the customer, businesses are requested to contact directly the national focal point, the Vietnam SPS Office, which will be responsible for answering these regulations for them.

Soon, the SPS Vietnam Office plans to build a portal that will connect with businesses through apps for updates and two-way interaction to improve support for export businesses in the future.

Also according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, fruit and vegetable exports in 2023 reached 5.69 billion USD, up 69.2% over the same period of the previous year, of which durian contributed a large proportion to this result. In the structure of the agricultural, forestry, and fishery export market in 2023, the Chinese market was the area where Vietnam exported the most, accounting for 23%, in the leading position, followed by the United States, Japan, and Korea. Quoc.

Until now, Vietnam has 14 agricultural products officially exported to China, including bird's nest and products from bird's nest, sweet potatoes, dragon fruit, longan, rambutan, mango, jackfruit, watermelon, banana, mangosteen, black jelly, lychee, passion fruit, and durian.

Currently, specialized agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development are coordinating with the General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) to urgently complete market opening documents for 6 citrus fruit products (grapefruit, oranges, tangerines...), coconut, frozen durian, chili, medicinal herbs, and wild-caught seafood. When these 6 items are officially exported, it will create billions of dollars of revenue growth for the agricultural industry.

Refer to the detailed: https://vneconomy.vn/canh-bao-doanh-nghiep-than-trong-truoc-cac-chieu-lua-dao-khi-xuat-khau-nong-san-sang-trung-quoc.htm

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