Abamectin - A Secret Weapon Against Worms and Insects

Abamectin - A Secret Weapon Against Worms and Insects


Abamectin, also known as avermectin B1, is a compound born from the soil-dwelling bacterium Streptomyces avermitilis. It possesses extraordinary power to kill worms and insects, protecting your crops and health.

How does Abamectin defeat its enemies? The secret lies in its special ability to "bind" to chloride channels in the bodies of invertebrates. When Abamectin attacks, it completely paralyzes the nervous system and muscles of insects, leading to death. However, you need not worry because Abamectin is quite "friendly" to mammals. This is because their brains have fewer chloride channels, and Abamectin is also "selective" in its targets and rarely crosses the blood-brain barrier.

Abamectin is not just an ordinary pesticide, but also a valiant warrior against many dangerous parasites. It effectively kills worms, mites, and even fire ants. In horses, Abamectin is used as an oral dewormer, providing comprehensive health for your beloved horse. However, Abamectin is not just for animals. It is also used as a dewormer for pets, helping to protect the little ones in your family from potential harm. In addition, Abamectin is also formulated into the benzoate salt emamectin benzoate to enhance its insecticidal efficacy. Not only that, Abamectin and its relative - Avermectin - are also being studied to treat parasitic diseases in both humans and animals, and even have potential for treating alcoholism and anti-inflammation.

However, it should be noted that Abamectin degrades rapidly in sunlight and can be toxic to bees. However, bees will be safe after 24 hours of exposure to sprayed plant parts. With its diverse properties and superior effectiveness, Abamectin is a worthy choice in the fight against parasites.

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