Build a warm life with Amitraz

Build a warm life with Amitraz

In early 1969, Amitraz was acquired by Boots Co. Researched and created in England. Initially, Amitraz was discovered to have the effect of repelling insects, then was researched and developed on many other subjects to protect crops, protect livestock, and improve labor productivity. Let's join King Elong to find out how Amitraz can help in life!

Amitraz appears as white crystals. The melting point is about 187-189°F (86-87°C), and insoluble in water. The mechanism of action of Amitraz in insects is derived from its alpha-adrenergic agonist activity, interaction with octopamine receptors of the central nervous system, inhibition of monoamine oxidase, and prostaglandin synthesis. So it leads to overstimulation, and the consequence is paralysis and death of the insect. Amitraz is used as an insecticide, pesticide, and medicine to treat scabies in pets and livestock like dogs, cats, goats....

🌿In agriculture, we often see Amitraz used to treat spider mites, leafhoppers, mealybugs, and whiteflies on plants such as citrus, strawberries, gourds, eggplants, bell peppers, tomatoes, and ornamental plants. Amitraz will destroy insects that are harmful to plants, protect crops, and contribute to building a prosperous life for people.

🌿In veterinary medicine, because Amitraz is less harmful to mammals, it is widely used to fight the invasion of bugs, ticks, and insects on pets. Currently in the Vietnamese market, Amitraz is also present in many pet shower gel products to prevent or treat scabies and ulcers very effectively.

🌿In the future, when the country's economy develops, the pet market will also explode. To partially fill each person's loneliness, choosing a favorite animal is also a solution. And accompanying that development is always the contribution of Amitraz. Amitraz will protect your pets from harmful insects, repel insects away from our lives, and also indirectly protect us from getting rid of unwanted diseases! 😊

King Elong, the leading company specializing in providing raw materials for pesticide production in the Vietnamese market, always wants to accompany customers on the development journey ahead. If you are in need of importing Amitraz materials, please contact us for detailed support and advice!

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