Copper - The mystery behind the group of copper-based pesticides

Copper - The mystery behind the group of copper-based pesticides

Copper is no longer a strange disease-prevention pesticide for farmers. However, whether copper has been correctly understood and researched or not, let's find out with King Elong through the following article.

👉 Origin: In 1882, Millardet in France sprayed a green-white mixture of copper sulfate and lime to prevent defoliation on grapes. After many trials of this mixture, it has been proven that it can effectively control downy mildew disease of this fruit. Since then, scientists have paid more attention and research to this mixture.

👉 Currently, there are 4 groups of Copper-based pesticides: Copper Oxychloride, Copper Hydroxide, Copper Sulfate (Tribasic), and Pure Copper Sulfate. According to the production process, it will be produced in the following order: Copper Sulfate – Copper Oxychloride – Copper hydroxide. Among them, the two forms of Copper Oxychloride and Copper Hydroxide are the most commonly used, with famous products on the market such as Adama's Cocadama 85WP, BacBa 85WP from Toba Production - Trading Co., Ltd. or Copperion 77WP of Viet Nong Agricultural Materials Joint Stock Company (Vinco), ...

👉 The prices of copper-based pesticides are not fixed, mainly depending on world copper price. When the price of copper increases, the prices of Copper pesticides also grow up.

👉 Mechanism of action: Copper-based pesticides are inorganic compounds, most of which dissolve slowly in water and have a fairly wide spectrum of effects. With low toxicity, copper is used in agriculture to function as a steel shield, protecting plants against disease-causing factors. They can prevent common diseases such as powdery mildew, rust, pink fungus,... on most plants.

In general, Copper is the product line chosen by farmers to prevent diseases caused by fungi and bacteria. At the same time, it is expected to become more and more popular in the future when Mancozeb is officially banned from the list.

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