Fenoxanil - Rice blast disease

Fenoxanil - Rice blast disease

Rice blast disease is not only a very familiar epidemic but also one of the dangerous epidemics that significantly affect the productivity and quality of crops. Rice blast disease is caused by the fungus Pyricularia oryzae which attacks leaves, stems, panicles, and rice grains. The special lesion of Shinto is diamond-shaped. When the disease is severe, the lesions will often connect, causing the rice leaves to burn. Besides, in contaminated areas, the barley can burn completely and no longer recover.

To completely treat rice blast disease, in addition to some agricultural and biological measures, using pesticides is still an option recommended by many agricultural engineers.

And fungicides containing Fenoxanil are one of the most popular ethical therapeutic active ingredients on rice today.

1. Description

Fenoxanil is a synthetic anilide fungicide that belongs to the family of benzamide fungicides. This active ingredient controls harmful plant diseases by interfering with the formation of important cell components such as substrates, nucleic acids, and proteins to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi.

This results in preventing their growth, thereby reducing the risk of infection and helping plants grow stronger, including some popular crops such as rice, tomatoes, and potatoes benefiting from the protection of this active ingredient - against harmful diseases caused by fungi.

In addition, Fenoxanil is an active ingredient in the group of drugs with toxicity class 4 - the green line on the packaging is a group IV poison, very mild, and toxic (code PMS green 347 C).

2. Function

Control effectiveness: Fenoxanil is one of the highly active ingredients in controlling fungal diseases in plants. Interference in the growth process of bacteria and fungi helps prevent the spread of disease effectively

Anti-pesticide resistance: Fenoxanil demonstrates the ability to resist the development of pesticide resistance in bacteria and fungi, helping to maintain disease control over long periods.

Environmental safety: Fenoxanil is designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment, making it an environmentally friendly option for plant disease management

In general, pesticides containing the active ingredient Fenoxanil will be effective in killing rice blast disease with high efficiency at any stage of plant growth and development.

In addition, King Elong is currently supplying this diseased material to several pesticide companies in the Vietnamese market. If you are interested, please contact us!

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