Matrine - Biological shield for bumper crops

Matrine - Biological shield for bumper crops

Matrine is a valuable alkaloid extracted from the roots, stems, and fruits of the legume Sophora flavescens, typically gentian. This active ingredient stands out for its ability to effectively prevent many types of worms, spiders, leafhoppers, and aphids... and is considered one of the most advanced plant biological pesticides in the 21st century.

Mechanism of action: This active ingredient has stomach poisoning and contact action. Matrine paralyzes the insect's nervous system, causing parasite proteins to coagulate, clogging the spiracles, leading to suffocation and rapid death. Thanks to that, it provides high control efficiency, has little impact on the environment, and is safe for users.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Broad spectrum of action: Matrine can kill many common harmful pests on many different types of crops.
  • Highly effective: Active ingredients act quickly and strongly, helping to control pests effectively, and minimizing damage to plants.
  • Safe: Matrine belongs to toxicity class III which has low toxicity, with little impact on users' health and the ecosystem. Matrine is not hot, does not cause flower loss, and is safe for all stages of plant development.
  • Less likely to cause drug resistance: Unlike chemical pesticides, Matrine rarely causes drug resistance in insects.

Wide use: Matrine is commonly used in agriculture as a single substance or mixed with other active ingredients such as Abamectin, Azadirachtin, Emamectin Benzoate,...

The preharvest interval (PHI): Matrine has a short preharvest interval, only 3 days, helping farmers harvest products quickly after use.

With outstanding advantages, Matrine promises to be a safe and effective solution for modern agriculture, contributing to environmental protection and public health.

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