Niclosamide – Molluscicide

Niclosamide – Molluscicide

Niclosamide was discovered in 1958. At that time, Niclosamide was sold under the name Niclocide and used to effectively treat tapeworm infections. This active ingredient was then included on the list of essential drugs for disease prevention by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Until these days, Niclosamide plays a very significant part in our lives. And as its original mission, Niclosamide still diligently serves us with regular deworming every 6 months, to protect us from tapeworm parasites.

And in agricultural production, Niclosamide is like a brave warrior rushing into the fields ready to destroy all the apple snails that damage rice fields. Thanks to that, farmers have bumper harvests and happy and prosperous lives.

There is a story that one day a shrimp farmer discovered something strange. His shrimp did not grow large enough, their shells were no longer hard, and the shrimp population gradually decreased. While feeling sad, the farmer decided to find out the cause. Draining the water, he saw a lot of bivalve animals such as snails, clams, mussels, barnacles, and carp... growing all over the bottom of the ponds. Thinking about it all the way home, he suddenly remembered an advertisement on TV about the ability of Niclosamide to kill snails. The farmer quickly bought it to try, but unexpectedly the effect exceeded his expectations. Since then, before stocking shrimp, he has used Niclosamide to thoroughly clean the pond to kill all mollusks that compete with shrimp for calcium and damage the water environment. Therefore, his family gradually had fairly wealthy lives.

Niclosamide has been accompanying us throughout its long historical journey to bring about better lives. Anh we, King Elong, is also always willing to provide pesticide materials to help people build more and more prosperous lives.

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