The role of Deltamethrin in our lives!

The role of Deltamethrin in our lives!

Deltamethrin is an active ingredient in the Pyrethroid group, considered safer for humans, and more toxic to harmful insects. After insect exposure or ingestion of Deltamethrin, it will damage their central nervous system, leading to overstimulation of nerve cells, followed by paralysis and death.

The process of contributing our efforts to Deltamethrin's community!

Initially, Deltamethrin was produced at a high cost, so its applications were mostly used to control insects in golf courses. Then, this active ingredient is gradually expanded to control pests in residential areas, and then used by farmers to protect crops. Deltamethrin has a good killing effect on Helicoverpa armigera, red caterpillars, cabbage moths, and needle moths, diamonds, Spodoptera litura, beetles, aphids, mites, beetles, coccyx, mites, aphids, aphids, fruit borers, stink bugs, earworms, stem borers, armyworms... to protect crops, improve labor productivity, and increase income for farmers.

Around 2015, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the use of Deltamethrin to control malaria globally. At that time, this active ingredient was often used to produce anti-mosquito nets and residual spray to kill mosquitoes. This campaign helps many countries control dengue fever caused by Anopheles gambiae. Deltamethrin can also kill many harmful insects such as termites, termites, ants, spiders, fleas, cockroaches, and flies, helping people a lot at work, as well as protecting the living environment and improving quality of our lives.

Deltamethrin is very toxic to aquatic life, especially fish.

In order for us to have a good life like today, we cannot deny the contribution of Deltamethrin. With our limited knowledge, we have only listed a small amount of information we have learned, but Deltamethrin may contribute more than we thought, and in the future we will still diligently accompany the community to construct our lives more beautifully. Just like King Elong, day after day we are still trying to contribute our efforts to make our lives better.

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