Partners and Customers

♦ King Elong Vietnam was established in 2004. We always put the sustainable development of our clients and team first. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of providing pesticide ingredients, we have approached and become a strategic partner of more than 200 Pesticide Companies across the country, including leading companies in this industry such as Viet Thang, Viet Trung, Toba, Vietnam Fumigation Joint Stock Company (VFC), Vietnam Pesticides Joint-Stock Company (Vipesco),... which distribute in many provinces and cities in the whole country. The majority of companies are located in the South of Vietnam in the industrial zones Duc Hoa 1 and Duc Hoa 3 (Long An), the Southwestern provinces, and other businesses are situated in Hanoi in the North of Vietnam.

♦ We are also the exclusive representative for leading suppliers for pesticide materials in China and India such as:


+ Qingdao Hisigma Chemical Co., Ltd: This is a strategic supplier of King Elong Vietnam, accompanying King Elong since our early days of establishment. As the leading factory providing pesticide materials in China, they manufacture a variety of products from fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and growth stimulants.

+ Shijiazhuang Liger Co., Ltd: The strategic partner of King Elong with strengths in biological product lines such as Abamectin, Emamectin, Validamycin, Kasugamycin,...

+ Shandong Sunrise Agri - Service Co., Ltd: The supplier specializing in the production of single and mixed semi-finished products.

+ Yancheng Huanyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd: The factory focusing on the production of Paclobutrazol.


+ Vimal Crop Care Pvt Ltd: The supplier from India, the leading partner of King Elong of Copper Hydroxide and Copper Oxychloride product lines in Tech and Semi-finished products. A highly specialized team and modern production lines have created the brand for Vimal's copper-based product line in Tech form.

+ Bharat Rasayan Ltd.: The Phenthoate product line is their feature, besides the Chrysanthemum-based product lines including strong products such as Permethrin 93% TC, Cypermethrin 93% TC, Alpha Cypermethrin 97% TC, Deltamethrin 98%TC. Currently, Bharat has exported to more than 65 countries around the world, in which their strategic partners are multinational companies such as Syngenta.

+ Agrilife: They are the world's leading manufacturer of biological pesticides used in agriculture. Research projects in which are invested and implemented by industry experts have created Agrilife's success.

+ Gharda Chemical Limited: The supplier specializing in daisy-based products and pesticides such as Quinalphos 70% TC, Alpha Cypermethrin 97% TC, Hexaconazole 92% TC, Cypermethrin 93% TC.