Vision and Mission

♦ Vision:

In King Elong Vietnam, we believe that the future belongs to sustainable businesses: With a young, enthusiastic team and nearly 20 years of experience, we aim to become a company with sustainable development, expanding operations in many fields and creating job opportunities for workers, creating a friendly working environment and good benefits to become a place for employees to develop and stay for a long time.

♦ Core values:

+ Long-term mindset: Invest in future happiness rather than short-term profits

+ Fair corporate environment: Treating all employees as equal partners

+ Social responsibility: The existence of businesses is not only to make profits but also to make the surrounding community a better place to live.

♦ Mission:

+ For partners: We provide fast and accurate information, market trends, and quality products. We hope that both sides will be strategic partners, supporting and connecting for a long time.

+ For farmers: Take care and improve crop quality and productivity.

+ For associates: We always create the best conditions for each individual to freely express themselves, accompany, share and support each other to create values in work and life.