Spirodiclofen - The secret weapon for a healthy garden

Spirodiclofen - The secret weapon for a healthy garden

Are you worried about spiders and insects attacking your garden? Don't worry, Spirodiclofen - an effective insecticide - will be your "savior"!

What is Spirodiclofen?

As a "superhero" in the world of pesticides, Spirodiclofen belongs to the keto-enol or tetronic acid chemical group, possessing the ability to inhibit lipid synthesis - the life source of spiders and insects.

How does Spirodiclofen work?

Like a secret "ninja", Spirodiclofen penetrates the bodies of spiders and insects, attacking the lipid synthesis process, disrupting the pest's metabolism, causing them to become paralyzed and die.

What makes Spirodiclofen special?

  • High efficiency: Spirodiclofen kills both adult spiders, larvae and eggs, "sweeping away" all the harmful "enemies".
  • Long-lasting effect: Spirodiclofen is two-way systemic, adhering to crops, protecting your garden from spider and insect damage for a long time.
  • Environmentally friendly: Spirodiclofen is "less toxic" to natural enemies, "protecting" the natural ecosystem in your garden.

What crops is Spirodiclofen used for?

Spirodiclofen is a "savior" for many crops, including: Citrus (oranges, tangerines, grapefruits...), grapes, apples, peaches, nuts.

Let's use Spirodiclofen to protect your garden from spiders and pests. With its effectiveness, efficiency and environmental safety, Spirodiclofen is the "perfect choice" for your garden!

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