Imidacloprid: The Insecticide Superhero
The active ingredient Profenofos
The Active Ingredient Propiconazole
The active ingredient Azadirachtin
The active ingredient Tebuconazole
Spirodiclofen - The secret weapon for a healthy garden
The role of Deltamethrin in our lives!
Abamectin - A Secret Weapon Against Worms and Insects
The active ingredient Propargite
Active ingredient Prochloraz
The active ingredient Dinotefuran
The active ingredient Thiamethoxam
The active ingredient Buprofezin
The active ingredient Chlorfenapyr
The Active ingredient Cyromazine
Nereistoxin - Killing pests and protecting crops
Cartap Hydrochloride: Raising the level of safe and sustainable farming
Brassinolide - The sixth growth-promoting hormone
Matrine - Biological shield for bumper crops
Hexaconazole - Farmers' Companion
The active ingredient Nicosulfuron
The active ingredient Acetamiprid
Build a warm life with Amitraz
Active ingredient Cypermethrin
Metalaxyl - Special treatment of fungal spectrum disease
Active ingredient Azoxystrobin
Difenoconazole 96% TC - Comprehensive disease prevention solutions for plants
What are the Applications of Paclobutrazol?
The New List of Pesticides in 2023
Niclosamide – Molluscicide
Active Ingredient Spirotetramat
Dimethomorph – Super product to treat disease for plants
Fenoxanil - Rice blast disease
Butachlor 95% TC
Copper - The mystery behind the group of copper-based pesticides
The active ingredient Permethrin and Applications in life
Active herbicide ingredient Tetflupyrolimet
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