Active ingredient Thiamethoxam
The active ingredient Buprofezin
The active ingredient Chlorfenapyr
The Active ingredient Cyromazine
Nereistoxin - Killing pests and protecting crops
Cartap Hydrochloride: Raising the level of safe and sustainable farming
Brassinolide - The sixth growth-promoting hormone
Matrine - Biological shield for bumper crops
Hexaconazole - Farmers' Companion
The active ingredient Nicosulfuron
The active ingredient Acetamiprid
Build a warm life with Amitraz
Active ingredient Cypermethrin
Metalaxyl - Special treatment of fungal spectrum disease
Active ingredient Azoxystrobin
Difenoconazole 96% TC - Comprehensive disease prevention solutions for plants
What are the Applications of Paclobutrazol?
The New List of Pesticides in 2023
Niclosamide – Molluscicide
Active Ingredient Spirotetramat
Dimethomorph – Super product to treat disease for plants
Fenoxanil - Rice blast disease
Butachlor 95% TC
Copper - The mystery behind the group of copper-based pesticides
The active ingredient Permethrin and Applications in life
Active herbicide ingredient Tetflupyrolimet
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