KEL Folk Festival 2023

KEL Folk Festival 2023

A creative, dynamic, enthusiastic and united environment is the guiding motto of King Elong Group. That's why, here, there is no shortage of picnic activities and traveling together to meet and share good things in life. And this activity with the theme "King Elong Folk Festival" held at Giang Dien Waterfall tourist area has brought us closer together.

Throughout the program, the members together experienced folk games such as capture the flag, play u, spin the rope, pop water balloons and poinsettias with exciting and lively moments, like returning to that carefree and thoughtless time. In addition, there are also group competition activities, promoting the spirit of solidarity of each team, such as drink mixing competitions or tent decoration competitions. Team members come up with ideas together, prepare each ingredient and each flower branch with the hope that their drink will be the most delicious and their tent the most beautiful.

And King Elong Vietnam team is the same, meticulous in each step, dividing tasks for each member, coordinating well in every small action and finally achieving great results. "Dragon fruit tea" was made with the main ingredient dragon fruit - a specialty of Vinh Long - a province in the Southwest region. The soft, sweet flesh is peeled and pureed by hand, mixed with the aroma of kumquat, creating a cool drink in this hot summer.

Coming to the tent decoration competition, inspired by the richness of Vietnamese agriculture, a countryside-style space was created with images of spices hanging on the kitchen, a variety of fruits on the mother's shoulder pole, and the meticulously woven flowers on the conical hat - all are harmonious, painting a very close and simple picture.

The end of the program was a quiet moment with profound and enthusiastic sharing from the leader of the King Elong, and sublimate with vibrant and explosive trending Flashmod dance on social networks.

After the trip, we are more connected to each other, forget all the troubles at work, gain more energy for the journey ahead, and strive for a common goal - Making King Elong Group stronger and more developed.

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