Team Building Trip 2023

Team Building Trip 2023

Temporarily forgetting the noise of the city, forgetting the pressure of work, the King Elong family went to the romantic land, where the air is fresh and little chilly to participate in Team Building & Gala Dinner with the theme "The Power of Together" in Da Lat lasting for 3 days and 2 nights.

Team Building activities not only bring family members together but also arouse the dynamism and excitement of youth in each individual.

When King Elong members set foot in Da Lat, the first thing they welcomed was the cold weather, but in return they were able to visit the beautiful, poetic landscapes around them, immerse themselves in the very vast "green" space, and enjoy the fresh air. Moreover, members can exchange gongs + campfires at Langbiang with a specialty of the mountainous region - wine and unique, interesting dances - where they can immerse themselves in games, fun and memorable moments.

Talking about the emotions that are condensed and stored the longest is probably the pine hill trekking trip and challenges of overcoming pine and primeval forests in Da Lat with nearly 3 hours and more than 7km, this trekking trip not only depends on the strength of the spirit of collective solidarity, but also on the good coordination, rhythm, and harmony between members of each team.

Everyone for one - one for everyone, going through the forest together, going to the meeting point to complete tasks, singing together, thereby helping members understand and cooperate together to reach the destination of the journey.

On the Gala Dinner night, the musical "stars" of the King Elong family shined brightly with extremely attractive and interesting performances.

And King Elong Vietnam team also participated and performed with an acting performance with the appearance of "number 1 actors", with a joyful and enthusiastic spirit. Each member has a different color, weaving together to rebuild the love story of Ngan and Ha Lan into a happy ending. We create hugs, laughter, sweat and happiness for everyone. Each emotion is condensed, creating an indelible mark in each member's mind.

In addition, the program also held an exchange session with advice, profound sharing and enthusiasm from those leading King Elong's train.

Although it is a short trip combined with Team Building activities, the valuable thing here is the "connection" between team members. The trip expressed the spirit of solidarity, understanding, sharing, and mutual support in all work and in life to achieve success together!

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