Tea making workshop 20-10-2023

Tea making workshop 20-10-2023

All the streets in Saigon today are filled with bustling atmosphere, it seems like everyone is rushing to choose the most beautiful bouquets of flowers to give to their loved ones.

Joining that joyful atmosphere, the men at King Elong Vietnam prepared lovely flower baskets to give to women in the same company. A small bag of flowers, a cup of coffee, but a big heart that the men have painstakingly prepared to send the best wishes to the women in the same company.

On behalf of all women in the company, we would like to thank all the men who have prepared gifts for the women's team on October 20th.

In addition, the company also creates conditions for women to improve their "women's work and housekeeping" skills. The girls were able to participate in making a variety of drinks such as tea, coffee, milk tea,... delicious and fresh, with the hope of helping them relax and relieve stress after a long time of work. .

Let's take a look at our products through pictures! Wishing all Vietnamese women a meaningful, happy, fun and always youthful October 20th!


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