Summary of the Recent Electrical Energy Shortage in Vietnam

Summary of the Recent Electrical Energy Shortage in Vietnam

I. Overview of the recent situation of Vietnam's electrical energy

Vietnam is facing a worrying shortage of electrical energy. In recent years, electricity demand has increased rapidly due to economic growth, industrial expansion, and population growth. However, inconsistent development of power infrastructure and other problems have contributed to the power system's inability to meet the country's growing needs.

II. The cause of the shortage of electrical energy

👉 Unequal investment: Although Vietnam has made strong investments in diversifying supply sources (coal power, hydropower, renewable energy sources...); however, power sources are not erratically distributed. This leads to many inadequacies in operating the power system

👉 Shortage of fuel sources: The impact of weather and climate change has caused difficulties in ensuring fuel supply for the power sector. In particular, dry spells have affected the performance of hydroelectric and thermal power plants. By May 12th, 2023, 13/47 large hydroelectric lakes had reached dead water levels or been close to dead water levels.

👉 Imbalance in electricity distribution: Electricity shortages are mainly concentrated in large industrial areas and large cities, while rural areas still have difficulty accessing electricity. This creates an imbalance in power distribution and increases pressure on the power system.

To cope with the current emergency, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) has just sent a document to Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), PetroVietnam Fertilizer and Chemicals Corporation - JSC, Ca Mau Petroleum Fertilizer Joint Stock Company, proposing to give priority to giving gas for electricity production in the peak months of the dry season - May-June

How long will this situation continue? How will people's lives as well as the operations of production companies be affected?

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