Butachlor 95% TC

Butachlor 95% TC

Herbicides are one type of the pesticides that have appeared for a long time and continue to be widely used until nowadays. Among them, Butachlor is popularly applied because it is known as one of the most optimal herbicide-active ingredients.

Butachlor is a widely used herbicide in the Acetanilide group, belonging to toxicity group III. Therefore, when using this kind of herbicide, you need to be careful and ensure it is correctly used. In rice cultivation, the active ingredient Butachlor has been commonly used on sown and transplanted rice for a long time due to its high weed control effectiveness and safety. Thanks to its high fluidity, several characteristics, and special ways of affecting weeds, Butachlor has become the best choice in killing and controlling rice grass.

Mode of action of the active ingredient Butachlor:

This active ingredient can eliminate weeds with the selective method, mostly absorbed by germinating weed shoots and the roots inside. After that, Butachlor will quickly move into different parts of the entire weeds. Butachlor will attack weeds by inhibiting protein synthesis and affecting stem growth. From then, the active ingredient Butachlor will be able to eliminate unnecessary weeds quickly.

Uses of herbicides containing the active ingredient Butachlor:

With the ability to quickly and thoroughly eliminate weeds, Butachlor is widely used in the preparation of herbicides used to control annual weeds, eradicate weeds in rice fields, and so on. Thanks to its strong drainage properties, Butachlor is highly effective in eliminating weeds in the pre-germination stage (when weed seeds have not yet grown into weeds) and the young plant stage (when the weeds are just growing and still small).

In general, the active ingredient Butachlor will effectively kill most types of weeds in the pre-germination or young plant stages, typically rice grass (Barnyard Grass), bran grass (Leptochloa chinensis), astragalus grass, porridge grass, and some other broad-leaved grasses often appearing in rice fields.

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