Dimethomorph – Super product to treat disease for plants

Dimethomorph – Super product to treat disease for plants

In conditions of continuous cultivation of many crops per year and little change in farming methods, more and more pathogens remain in soil, water, and air, often causing harm to vegetables and fruits. Diseases are common in most parts of plants, like in the root area such as root rot, green wilt, and yellow wilt... or on the stem such as stem wilting, stem cracking, sap flow, etc. In addition, the most common diseases are in branches, leaves, and fruits such as anthracnose, downy mildew, false downy mildew, leaf rot, fruit rot, leaf spot, and fruit spot...

These diseases are often caused by fungi and bacteria. Among them, downy mildew on tomatoes and potatoes is caused by Phytophthora infestans, downy mildew on peppers is caused by Phytophthora capsici fungus, and tomato leaf spot disease is caused by Septoria lycopersici fungus. To help prevent fungal diseases like those above... you can use "Dimethomorph" - this is a new generation active ingredient, in addition to treating harmful diseases, also helps increase plant resistance

1. What is Dimethomorph:

Dimethomorph is an active ingredient in the cinnamic acid group, widely used in the field of pesticides. With the main ability to effectively control fungal diseases, Dimethomorph has become an important factor in crop protection and productivity improvement.

2. Mechanism of action:

This active ingredient mainly affects pathogens from three aspects: disease prevention effect which prevents the germination and penetration of pathogenic spores; therapeutic effect which penetrates plant tissue and kills fungal mycelium; and anti-spore effect which prevents disease-causing spores from forming and reduces sources of infection.

This unique operating mechanism and the characteristics of multiple stages of action allow Dimethomorph to provide excellent control of diseases such as blight  and downy mildew.

3. Other outstanding advantages:

- The effects of Dimethomorph usually last 7-10 days, 3-4 days longer than another pesticide. This helps save on labor and pesticide costs.

- Dimethomorph does not have cross-resistant ability with fungicides and has strong mixing properties. It can quickly kill bacteria that are resistant to other fungicides and ensure stable effectiveness. Therefore, this active ingredient is often combined with other fungicides such as Metalaxyl, Cymoxanil, Mancozeb, Azoxystrobin, etc.

- Dimethomorph can dissolve in water and disperse well, has the effect of quickly penetrating leaves and spreading locally, and withstand washing when raining. It enhances the photosynthesis ability of plants, makes vegetables and fruits fresher, and comprehensively improves crop yield and quality.

Currently, King Elong is widely supplying this ingredient in both technical forms, and single and mixed semi-finished forms throughout the Vietnamese market. If you are interested, please contact us immediately!


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